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Klaviyo Product Updates - September 2022

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Over the past few months Klaviyo released many exciting features that we, email marketers were so looking forward to. In this article, learn more about new features and get confident in utilizing them in your email and SMS strategy.

#1 Campaign performance by segment

This is by far my favorite one! We spent so much time strategizing how to best segment the audience and now we have a way to measure the success of our segments! Klaviyo has created a one-click way to see the conversions for each segment that received your campaign.

This will allow you to identify your high and low-value segments so that you know where to direct most of your marketing efforts and which content performs best for what audience. This feature is available as an "Audience breakdown" tab for each campaign sent and as a Campaign Performance Report in Custom Reports (where you can group by list/segment now!)

#2 Rules-based product recommendations

This is an update to the dynamic product feed that will help you connect the right products with the right profile based on where they are in their customer journey. New product recommendations will be generated for each customer based on their past behavior. Therefore, you will offer more personalized product suggestions that are guaranteed to drive conversions.

Now, we have rules that we can easily set up to show the perfect product for each customer in both campaigns and flows. With clear prompts, you will be able to set up which type of products will be generated on a first basis, the fallback products, the price ranges, and the stock availability

Make sure to go ahead and check out the new product feed builder!

#3 Integration with Google Ads

Finally! We now can seamlessly sync profile data between Klaviyo and Google Ads. It is especially important with the cost per click going up intensively over the past years - so we really want to leverage as much data as we can to target the right customer at the right time with Google Ads.

It takes a few minutes to set up and you can begin the most effective retargeting, finding similar audiences, and setting up exclusions based on data you have in Klaviyo.

#4 Virtual Contact Cards

A very exciting SMS update allows you to send contact details that a customer can save on their phone. This will encourage your customers to save your number so that they don't receive SMS/MMS from random numbers, but rather from the brand name they know and love. A good place to start is to add a Virtual Contact Card to your Welcome flow, so that can save your contact when they start getting familiar with your brand.

Make sure you are using a sending number capable of sending MMS messages such as a toll-free number or United States shortcode.

#5 Two-way SMS for UK/AUS

Klaviyo is offering their SMS product offering for UK and Australia by enabling personalized and engaging two-way messaging! With 2-way messaging, you can easily interact with prospective clients that have responded to your campaigns and engage with leads in real-time conversations. Quick automatic responses can also be set up for frequently asked questions.

Other powerful tools available:

- click-to-text forms and email banners;

- custom subscribe keywords;

- double opt-in;

- Klaviyo conversations.

Features are available for the UK and Australian long codes.

#6 Easy to track A/B testing for flows emails

This September we also get an improved experience for testing content in flow emails! With one click, two variations are created, all we have to do is make changes to variation B, label our test properly, and set up conditions for ending the test - either when a significant result is achieved, at a certain date, or manually. The best thing is that after completing your test will be saved - no more having to track your tests manually or losing test data. An extremely straightforward way of running the test. Love it!

#7 New template editor conversion

You can now switch between classic and new template editors and have your classic editor saved blocks automatically converted to the new editor as universal content. This is awesome for situations where we have to update one small thing in a footer of 50 emails...

The new editor also gives you:

- Universal Saved Content

- Background Images for overlays

- Content Repeat

- Expanded Preview Options

- Undo/Redo (finally!)

- No-Code Custom Fonts

I hope you enjoyed this little summary of Klaviyo recent updates and are excited to incorporate them in your email marketing journey.

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