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Fast and Simple Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Started with Email Marketing using Klaviyo

Getting started with email marketing can seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be. With Klaviyo, you can set up the basics in just one sitting. In this post, we'll go over some simple and fast steps to help you get started with email marketing using Klaviyo.

Step 1: Create Your Account and Integrate it with Your Online Store

The first step is to create your Klaviyo account and integrate it with your online store. This will allow you to access all of Klaviyo's features, including email campaigns, flows, and integrations.

Step 2: Create a Simple and Clean Email Template

Create a simple and clean email template that reflects your store branding, such as colors, fonts, CTA button formats, headers, banners, etc. This template will serve as a backbone for all your other emails and help you stay consistent with your design and always on brand.

Step 3: Create a Pop-Up Form and Footer Sign-Up

Use Klaviyo's form templates to create a pop-up form and footer sign-up. Add your own styling to make it consistent with your brand.

Step 4: Understand the Difference between Lists and Segments

Lists are primarily used to collect new subscribers, while segments are used for communicating relevant messages to people. Segments are dynamic groups of contacts defined by specific conditions, while subscriber lists are static and grow as people subscribe or are manually added.

Step 5: Understand Universal Laws of Copy and Design

Remember that stellar design doesn't necessarily mean conversions. Educate yourself on the Universal Laws of Copy and Design to improve your email marketing strategies.

Step 6: Create a Welcome Flow

Create a welcome flow to welcome new subscribers who signed up for your list and help them make their first purchase.

Step 7: Create an Abandoned Cart Flow

Create an abandoned cart flow to recover lost sales and increase revenue.

Step 8: Create a Campaigns Calendar

Organize your campaigns on a calendar to plan in advance, segment your audience, and deliver content people want to hear about. Have a consistent sending cadence to keep your audience engaged.

Step 9: Set Up List Cleaning Practices

To keep your list healthy and metrics high, set up list cleaning practices, such as unengaged segment, sunset flow, and soft bounces segment.

Step 10: Build More Flows, Create Targeted Pop-Ups, Incorporate Loyalty Programs, and Conduct A/B Testing

Build more flows, such as post-purchase, win-back, price drop, back-in-stock, and browse abandonment. Create targeted pop-ups, incorporate loyalty programs, and conduct A/B testing to improve your email marketing strategies.

Step 11: Keep Educating Yourself via Klaviyo Academy

Continue educating yourself with Klaviyo Academy, which offers free courses and resources to help you improve your email marketing strategies.


And there you have it - a fast and simple step-by-step guide on how to get started with email marketing using Klaviyo. But if you want more detailed guidance on how to set up a profitable email marketing strategy from scratch, sign up for my Klaviyo Kickstart course. With this course, you'll get access to even more tips, tricks, and best practices for setting up and running a successful email marketing campaign with Klaviyo.

Setting up email marketing with Klaviyo is fast and simple. Don't overthink email marketing - use these steps to get started and begin generating revenue through email marketing.

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