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Have you tried the new Google Ads integration from Klaviyo?

This is such amazing news that now we can combine the acquisition and retention efforts with the new seamless Google Ads integration! Brands now have real-time Klaviyo data pushed directly to Google Audiences for personalized ads. Read on to find out what all this means for your brand!

Why use this integration?

Many marketers understand the value of leveraging first-party data, but so few are using data to deliver cross-channel experiences. I believe that this integration is a huge help for the companies to finally start using data across channels. Klaviyo allows you to house so much customer data from over 260 pre-built integrations, and now you can utilize this data not only for your retention email campaigns but for the acquisition as well. This integration simplifies the process of cross-channel data transfer. Before, the marketers had to manually download the CSVs of different Klaviyo segments to target those with Google Ads, and if someone doesn't meet the definition of your segment anymore, that CSV immediately becomes out of date. What this integration gives us, is real-time Google Audiences updates that are synced to Klaviyo and which allow for the best user experience as they receive the most targeted ads.

It takes a few minutes to set up and is included in your Klaviyo subscription, so you can begin the most effective retargeting, finding similar audiences, and setting up exclusions based on data you have in Klaviyo with very little effort.

What are the benefits of this integration?

With the new technology and regulatory changes, it became increasingly difficult to collect third-party data (data collected by other entities that don't have a direct relationship with your brand) that marketers had access to before. As a result, we see those CPC and CAC numbers going up, creating a lower ROI for your ad spend.

This integration, on the other hand, gives access to the first-party data (data collected directly from your audience), such as answers to surveys, interests, purchasing history, spending behavior, etc.

Put simply - integration to lower CAC and increase conversions through targeting customer profiles across the Google network.

Some of the use cases of this integration:

With new privacy updates, higher cost-per-click, higher customer acquisition costs, and competition like never before, your business must send targeted advertisements using the first-party data from Klaviyo to stay competitive.

1. Retarget existing profiles with personalized ads

The same segments that you use for your email marketing campaigns can be used for targeted ads. Whether it's your win-back opportunities, your potential purchasers, or lapsed VIPs - you can target them with ads like you would with emails.

2. Exclude certain segments from future ads

Exclude people who have previously purchased from your store from your always-running Google ads and send them a more targeted one instead. Or exclude those who have placed an order recently and might not want to purchase again soon.

3. Use existing profiles to find similar audiences

Reach wider audiences and increase the chances to show your ads to the likeliest buyers by targeting people similar to your existing customers, whom you know so well by leveraging the Klaviyo profile data. You can take a VIP segment in Klaviyo and then create a similar audience in Google to reach new leads that are similar to your best customers.

4. Monitor audience performance.

Let Google observe and monitor audience signals to improve campaign performance.

Examples of Google Ads integration at work:

  1. Retarget High Value/Loyal/VIP customers.

  2. Find similar audiences to your High Value/Loyal/VIP customers to target.

  3. Retarget suppressed email profiles with ads (those who opted out or were suppressed due to engagement with emails).

  4. Target people who viewed a specific page.

  5. Exclude existing customers (those who placed an order with your brand before).

  6. Increase repurchase rate by targeting 1X buyers with targeted messaging in ads.

  7. Cross-sell based on the product that your customers purchased.

  8. Target win-back opportunities.

  9. Winback your lapsed VIPs with ads.

  10. Increase the AOV or purchase frequency of your existing subscribers.


We finally can seamlessly sync profile data between Klaviyo and Google Ads. It is especially important with the cost per click going up intensively over the past years - so we want to leverage as much data as we can to target the right customer at the right time with Google Ads. Using Klaviyo data in Google Ads will be huge in lowering customer acquisition costs.

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