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Email Marketing FAQ's

Find the answers to your email marketing questions or get in touch for personalized help

Why should I use Klaviyo for my email marketing?

Klaviyo is a powerful email marketing platform designed specifically for e-commerce. It allows for deep customer segmentation, personalized email automation, advanced reporting and analytics, and seamless integrations with e-commerce platforms. With Klaviyo, you can deliver highly targeted and relevant emails that drive engagement and sales. Contact me if you need help migrating from another ESP!

What is the difference between a segment and a list?

Unlike a traditional subscriber list, segments are defined by a set of conditions. Unlike dynamic segments, lists are static. They contain anyone who has subscribed to join the list and will only grow or shrink as people either subscribe or unsubscribe. 

  • Lists are used by almost all ESPs — they're a collection of people's email addresses grouped under an identifiable label; you can add people to a list manually, or people can join a list themselves by subscribing through a form

  • Segments are defined by a set of conditions, as explained above, rather than a fixed list of people — a segment will grow as new people meet the conditions and shrink as people no longer meet them.

What is the difference between Click Rate and Click Through Rate?

Click Rate: This is the percentage of people who clicked a link in your email out of the people who were delivered your email. Click Through Rate: This is the percentage of people who clicked a link in your email out of the people who opened your email.

What is deliverability?

Email deliverability is the ability to deliver emails to subscribers’ inboxes. An email deliverability rate can be lower when an email bounces or gets automatically filtered into a spam folder. Deliverability is also related to inbox placement – whether an email appears in the primary inbox, the promotions tab or social tab, or the spam folder. A failure to reach customers reduces the performance of a marketing email, which is one reason that deliverability is extremely important to every business.

What is a bounced email?

If the email failed to reach the subscriber is called a bounced email. There is a soft and hard types of bounced email. Soft bounce usually happens due to the reasons that can be resolved - such as full inbox. A hard bounce is a permanent type of bounce that means there is something wrong with the email address you’re trying to reach. A single hard bounce is a sign that you should remove that email address and won’t affect you too much, but if you continuously get these hard bounces, it will signal to your ISP that you’re not keeping up with proper list hygiene and will begin to hurt your reputation and email deliverability. 

How do I use Klaviyo to segment my customers?

With Klaviyo, you can segment your customers based on a wide range of criteria, such as purchase behavior, browsing history, email engagement, and more. These segments can be used to send targeted email campaigns that resonate with each group's unique interests and needs. For instance, you could create segments for your VIP customers, first-time buyers, customers who haven't purchased in a while, and so on. This enables you to deliver more relevant emails and ultimately drive better results. 

How can I measure the success of my email marketing campaigns?

Key metrics to track include open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, bounce rates, and unsubscribe rates. Also, keep an eye on revenue generated from email marketing, as this ultimately determines the ROI of your campaigns. Using these metrics, you can identify what's working, what isn't, and adjust your strategy accordingly. Check your benchmarks to see where you stand compared to your peer group.

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