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Your Guide to Result-Driven Email Marketing Strategies

Feeling stuck with low engagement in your email campaigns? Are your conversion rates not hitting the mark? Struggling with a disorganized email marketing strategy?

Boost your store's revenue by 30%+ with the right email marketing approach. As your dedicated specialist, I provide custom-tailored strategies, customer journeys, and audience segmentation that aligns with your brand's vision. Excited? Let's make email marketing work for you. Reach out to me for personalized advice.

Meet Your Email Marketing Ally

Customizing strategy for your brand's needs.

Hi, I'm Olena, an Email Marketing Specialist with a particular passion for wellness brands. As a Klaviyo expert, I dedicate my skills to help businesses like yours navigate the email marketing landscape and achieve accelerated growth. Let's explore if we're a good fit – contact me and let's take your brand to its full potential together!

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Working With the Best in Wellness

Contact me if you need help with your email strategy

Create Automation Strategy

Welcome your customers, save abandoned carts, and communicate win-back messaging. All automated.

Increase Your Sales

Send the right message to the right customers at the right time to boost your engagement and sales.  

Improve Deliverability

Your beautiful emails are ending up in spam? You can earn the trust of email providers. There is a solution. 

Create Campaigns Calendar

Are you running out of campaign ideas? Are sales emails the only content you are able to come up with?

Segment Your Audience

No, blasting to the entire list is not better - targeted messaging is in trend. Your customers don't want another generic email.

Do you have any other goals that you hope to achieve with the right email strategy? Reach out using the form below!


"Working with Olena has been an absolute game-changer for Dessa Brands' email marketing strategies. Her in-depth knowledge of Klaviyo and seamless communication with our teams has translated complex industry trends into actionable insights."

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Equip Yourself with the Right Knowledge

Fuel your learning journey with my curated collection of courses, eBooks, and articles on email marketing. If you prefer a hands-on approach, I'd be thrilled to offer personalized training for you or your team. Dive in and expand your knowledge today!

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Contact me and I would be happy to chat with you about your email marketing strategy.

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